Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MPCA Permit SWPPP Template - Example SWPPP - Sample SWP3

Caltha LLP has prepared a SWPPP Template to meet the new requirements of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Multisector Industrial stormwater permit.

This basic framework of the MPCA permit SWPPP template was developed by Caltha over several years working in States with similar multisector requirements and across a broad range of industrial sectors. It is particularly useful in quickly and cost effectively developing a site specific Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan that is easy to update and maintain in the future.

Caltha has developed and maintains a library of individual State SWPPP Templates designed to meet the unique requirements of each State stormwater permit.

The MPCA permit SWPPP Template is now available to Caltha's clients who are subject to the new Minnesota industrial stormwater rules.
Also available from Caltha LLP are:

Upcoming Stormwater SWP3 Training in Minnesota:
May 19 - Plymouth, MN
May 27 - Mankato, MN
June 3 - Moorhead, MN

For more information on Caltha LLP SWPPP services, go to the Environmental Health & Safety Plan | Spill Plan Information Request Form.