Monday, January 19, 2009

MSGP 2008 - EPA Warning Regarding Delays in NOI Processing

US EPA has issued an alert to dischargers covered under the new industrial Multi-sector General Permit (2008 MSGP).

If you are an existing discharger that was covered under the 2000 MSGP and have already submitted a paper NOI, US EPA is advising that due to a technical system error, the EPA NOI Processing Center is experiencing delays in posting the paper NOIs on the Internet. EPA expects that the system error will be corrected by the end of January, at which time the NOI Processing Center can begin posting the paper NOIs received by EPA on the Internet. Please note that the NOI waiting period for the facility does not begin until the NOI has been posted on the Internet.

According to EPA, if the paper NOI was sent before or postmarked by January 5, 2009, your coverage under the 2000 MSGP will be administratively continued until you are authorized to discharge under the 2008 MSGP.

If you are an existing discharger and you have not yet filed your NOI, EPA recommends that you file your NOI electronically using the eNOI system immediately to minimize any delay in your discharge authorization under the 2008 MSGP and that you minimize any period of noncompliance without NPDES permit coverage.

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