Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MPCA Reports Low Compliance Rates With New Industrial Stormwater Permit

In 2010, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) finalized a new industrial stormwater discharge general permit. The new permit had numerous new requirements that facilities are required to meet. One of the most significant changes was that facilities are now required to collect samples of their stormwater discharge, send the samples to a laboratory for testing, and to report the results to MPCA on a Stormwater Monitoring Report Form (SWMR).

[Read a summary of MPCA industrial stormwater monitoring requirements]

[Read a summary of the revised MPCA permit]

According to information now being circulated by MPCA, as of November 2011, about 50% of all permitted facilities in Minnesota that are required to collect a sample and submit results had failed to do so. In addition, another 25% are missing results/data on a previously-submitted SWMR. In summary, according to MPCA, only about 25% of permitted facilities were in compliance with stormwater monitoring requirements of the general permit.

MPCA indicated that it is currently considering options it can take to improve compliance rates with industrial stormwater discharge permit.

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