Saturday, November 15, 2008

Self-Certification of SPCC Plans - Requirements for Certification

The SPCC Rule (40 CFR 112) now allows SPCC Plans to be self-certified (no PE certification required) by facilities, if they meet a few qualifications:

  • On-site oil storage capacity must be less than 10,000 gallons;
  • Over the past three years, no single spill greater than 1,000 gallons, and no more than two spills greater than 42 gallons have occurred;
  • The SPCC meets all SPCC Rule (40 CFR 112) requirements, without the use of “environmentally equivalent” or “impracticality” determinations.

SPCC Plans will still need to be signed by a responsible person on behalf of the facility. By signing the SPCC Plan, that person certifies that he/she is:

  • Familiar with SPCC requirements,
  • Has visited and reviewed the facility,
  • The Plan was prepared in accordance with accepted and sound industry practices,
  • Procedures for inspections and testing have been established,
  • The Plan is fully implemented, and
  • The facility meets all the requirements to qualify for self certification.

Caltha LLP offers expert technical and regulatory support to develop facility Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure (SPCC) plans to be "self-certified". Caltha also develops the required SPCC training and SPCC inspection programs to comply with 40 CFR 112 requirements.

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