Thursday, November 6, 2008

SWPPP Template - What Makes a Good Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Template?

Caltha LLP uses SWPPP Templates to prepare stormwater pollution prevention plans each day. Templates can be used to prepare stormwater pollution programs for industrial sites, municipal dischargers (MS4) and for construction sites. In additon, SWPPP Templates can be augmented by Stormwater Monitoring Plan Templates, Sediment and Erosion Control Templates, Compliance Plan Templates, if needed.

Good SWPPP templates guide the user through a thoughtful self assessment, and not a “rush” to select BMPs. It has been our experience that using SWPPP templates is an excellent method to cost-effectively develop a site-specific pollution prevention program. However, the SWPPP templates needs to be more than a “fill-in-the-blank” exercise. By simplifying the process of preparing the plan, users often minimize the assessment process and move quickly to selecting BMPs.

Effective SWPPPs need to start with a thorough assessment of potential pollutant sources, which then can be carried forward through evaluation of potential controls, selection of BMPs, and all the way through on-going inspections and program improvements. An effective SWPPP template guides the user thorough the assessment process and creates a transparent and logical path to how potential pollutant sources will be controlled.

Based on our experience, some key features of an effective SWPPP template are:

  • SWPPP template should guide the user through a thoughtful assessment process, which then serves as the basis for selecting SWPPP program elements and long-term implementation and permit compliance;
  • The format of the SWPPP template should not detract from the final SWPPP product; the final SWPPP needs to be a well written plan that is easily read and understood. Unnecessary “remnants” of the template should not be included in the final SWPPP;
  • The SWPPP template should incorporate requirements of the stormwater discharge permit. Because each State and Federal permit has unique requirements, a different SWPPP template needs to be used for each State.
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