Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Infiltration Basins - Draft Requirement for Retrofit of Existing Basins

UPDATE: On July 6, 2009, MPCA is scheduled to release its proposed Multisector Industrial General Stormwater Permit. In July, Caltha LLP will be hosting seminars in several cities across Minnesota to provide information on the proposed permit and rule changes, and steps facilities can take to reduce their impact.

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MPCA SWPPP Permit - Industrial Stormwater Permit Reissue Seminars


On December 18, 2008, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency released a redraft of the Multisector Industrial General Permit (MSGP) currently being written. This version of the permit provides some additional requirements on the design of infiltration basins. [Read more about the regulatory aspects of infiltration basins]

As discussed previously, MPCA has included specific design and monitoring requirements for infiltrations basins. These include several situations and industrial sectors for which infiltration basins are forbidden.

One on the key elements of the MPCA requirements for infiltration basins is the RETROFIT of existing infiltration basins which do not currently meet the new design criteria. Existing infiltrations basins must be upgraded to meet the new requirements within one year of promulgation of the MSGP.

The MPCA MSGP is a work in progress; revisions and additions to the permit continue to be made. Once a draft is completed, the permit will be issued for public comment. Because of the size and complexity of the draft permit (especially compared to the current permit, written in 1997), it is expected that there will be significant public comments.

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