Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Massachusetts DEP Proposed Stormwater Regulations

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is proposing a new approach to stormwater management which will require private owners of large impervious surfaces (including institutions, commercial, industrial and residential properties) to manage stormwater. The draft requirements include:

  • Statewide private property owners of impervious surfaces ≥5 acres will be required to implement good housekeeping practices,
  • Statewide private new developments with impervious surfaces ≥5 acres will be required to meet the state’s Stormwater Standards 3-6, including recharge and water quality treatment,
  • Redevelopments with impervious surfaces ≥5 acres must maintain the same level of stormwater control and recharge, to the extent site constraints allow.

In areas that drain to an impaired waters with an existing or pending TMDL, a 65 % reduction in phosphorus load is required to achieve compliance with the State’s water quality standards.

Private property owners of impervious surfaces ≥2 acres will also be have requirements under the new program. New projects and redevelopments will have to meet statewide requirements and implement stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) capable of reducing phosphorus. Existing properties will be given 10 years to retrofit their properties to meet the phosphorus reduction requirement. TMDL areas include the Charles River watershed (with a 65% phosphorus reduction requirement) and a number of lake watersheds across the state.

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