Monday, February 15, 2010

MPCA Stormwater Permit Application - Due Dates By Industry Sector

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has finalized its revised industrial stormwater general permit. The new permit replaces the previous permit that was issued in 1997. The revised permit represents a significant departure from compliance requirements Minnesota industrial and “industrial-like” facilities have had.

MPCA has made the new final permit effective April 5, 2010.

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All facilities subject to the stormwater rules must submit an application for coverage under the new permit, even if already covered under the expired permit. Existing facilities must have prepared and implemented a new SWPPP and be in compliance with the new permit before they apply for permit coverage. New facilities must submit applications at least 180-days before beginning construction or operation.

Note: Facilities that have previously submitted a No Exposure Certification need to reassess their site based on current MPCA certification requirements and reapply for coverage.

Because of the volume of applications that MPCA expects to receive, the due date for applications is staggered over six months. Application due dates will be based on the industrial sector a given facility falls into:

Sector Group 1
Applications due by June 7

Sector A - Timber Products
Sector C - Chemical and Allied Products Manufacturing
Sector D - Asphalt Paving and Roofing Materials and Lubricant Manufacturing
Sector E - Glass, Clay, Cement, Concrete, and Gypsum Products
Sector F - Primary Metals & Foundries
Sector G - Metal Mining
Sector I - Oil and Gas Extraction and Refining
Sector J - Mineral Mining
Sector L - Landfills, Land Application Sites, and Open Dumps
Sector M - Automobile Salvage Yards
Sector N - Scrap Recycling and Waste Recycling Facilities
Sector Q - Water Transportation
Sector Y - Rubber, Miscellaneous Plastic Products, and Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries
Sector AA - Fabricated Metal Products

Sector Group 2
Applications due by August 6

Sector H - Coal Mining
Sector K - Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, or Disposal Facilities
Sector O - Steam Electric Generating Facilities
Sector P - Land Transportation and Warehousing
Sector R - Ship and Boat Building and Repair Yards
Sector S - Air Transportation Facilities
Sector Z - Leather Tanning and Finishing
Sector AC - Electronic and Electrical Equipment and Components

Sector Group 3
Applications due by October 4

Sector B - Paper and Allied Products Manufacturing
Sector T - Treatment Works
Sector U - Food and Kindred Product
Sector V - Textile Mills, Apparel, and Other Fabric Products
Sector W - Furniture and Fixtures
Sector X - Printing and Publishing
Sector AB - Transportation Equipment, Industrial and Commercial Machinery

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