Friday, February 9, 2018

Contract SPCC Inspections, Tank Inspections

Caltha LLP provides SPCC Inspection services to facilities regulated under the Federal SPCC Rule (40 CFR 112). Inspections are conducted by certified hazardous material managers or certified environmental compliance auditors.

What Are Facility Inspection Requirements Under SPCC Rule?

The SPCC Rule requires that at a minimum monthly inspections be conducted and documented. Various provisions of the SPCC rule relate to the inspection, evaluation, and testing of containers, associated piping, and other oil-containing equipment. Different requirements apply to different types of equipment, oil, and facilities. The requirements are generally aimed at preventing discharges of oil caused by leaks, corrosion, brittle fracture, overfill, or other forms of container or equipment failure by ensuring that containers used to store oil have the necessary physical integrity for continued oil storage. The requirements are also aimed at detecting container and equipment failures (such as pinhole leaks) before they can become significant and result in a discharge as described in §112.1(b). For certain above ground tanks, these monthly inspections can be used in lieu of more extensive tank inspections and integrity testing by a certified tank inspector.

Cracked Secondary Containment
Dike Around Oil Tank

Why Contract Your SPCC Inspections?

Contacting to have inspections conducted by Caltha ensures that inspections will be conducted by certified professionals to meet the SPCC Rule. This also frees facility staff from the responsibility of making sure inspections are done on time and eliminates the need for specialized training of facility staff assigned to conduct inspections.

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