Monday, February 2, 2009

Optimizing Consistency Between Multiple Industial SWPPP Plans

Larger companies may have several facilities that are subject to stormwater permit requirements and are required to develop site-specific Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP). Some elements of the SWPPP will likely represent corporate wide programs that apply to all facilities. Companies may also want to “standardize” their SWPPP so that each facility is implementing similar programs; these will allow multiple facilities to share training materials, for example.

If all facilities are located within a single State, the process of standardizing the SWPPP programs is straightforward. Each facility SWPPP will need to include a site specific facility information and evaluation of the potential pollutant sources, but many of the program descriptions can be identical.

If facilities are located in different States, the process of maximizing consistency between SWPPPs requires significantly more thought. One option is to compile the most stringent set of requirements, and use them to develop the SWPPP template. The clear advantage of this approach is that all facilities will be conducting the same programs. The disadvantage is that many facilities will be implementing programs which are well beyond their own State requirements and will be incurring higher costs. Finding the proper balance between consistency and meeting individual State requirements is key.

For those companies that favor a higher degree of consistency between facilities, even at higher cost, there is another factor that should be considered. Overtime, individual State requirements change – on average, 20% of States revise their requirements each year. Therefore, careful consideration must be made to whether or not a change in one State will require that all SWPPPs in all States to be revised. If the answer is no, then over time, the SWPPP programs between States will become more and more different from each other. Therefore, the benefit of consistency that was important in the beginning will be lost.

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