Thursday, February 26, 2009

Preventive Maintenance of Industrial Equipment - Permit Requirements

Maintenance of equipment and controls is a requirement for most stormwater pollution prevention programs. Maintenance can be 1) routine maintenance to correct deficiencies identified during routine inspections, and 2) preventive maintenance to address problems before they occur. In many jurisdictions, a written Preventive Maintenance Plan is required.

In most cases, two types of equipment or systems must be maintained:

  1. Industrial equipment and systems, and
  2. Stormwater BMPs and Stormwater Controls

Relative to industrial equipment and systems, routine maintenance and preventive maintenance is required for equipment and systems that could result in stormwater impacts if not properly maintained. Using the recent US EPA Multisector Permit (MSGP-2008) as one example, dischargers "must regularly inspect, test, maintain, and repair all industrial equipment and systems to avoid situations that may result in leaks, spills, and other releases of pollutants in stormwater discharged to receiving waters."

In addition, the MSGP-2008 requires that equipment that is awaiting maintenance be handled separately. Dischargers are required to "confine the storage of leaky or leak-prone vehicles and equipment awaiting maintenance to protected areas."

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Caltha LLP provides expert technical support to clients nationwide in addressing stormwater permitting and SWPPP requirements, including developing effective inspection and preventive maintanence programs, and providing employee training programs.

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